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Fransisco De La Torre  Chef / Owner

Becoming a trained French Chef is not an event, but rather an ongoing learning process, with dedication to Master the Art.

Here in Morgan County we are fortunate to have our own French Chef, dedicated to creating simple appealing entrees with definite and special differences for the everyday man.

In his words Chef De La Torre provided glimpses into the man and his motivations which ignited his path into becoming a French Chef.

"It was not an early dream of becoming a great chef, but rather a strong determination to come to Southern California for a better life". In his search for employment he applied for and was accepted at the Beverly Hills Hotel (BHH) Restaurant as a dishwasher. (The hotel was well known as the hotel for the stars) The Hollywood set would be satisified only with the best. Consequently, the Hotel contracted Bernard Dervieux, recommended and mentored by Paul Bocus, a renowned five star Michelin chef in Lyon France.

Francisco related "Dervieux was a wonderful man. I used to do my work then remain in the restaurant and watch the chefs. He saw I was always interested in the chef's creations and he asked me if I would like to work in the kitchen." A thirty year learning process began.

"The association with Chef Dervieux continued for 18 years." He mentored Francisco in training in all the stations required to become a Master Chef. "The total training to master all positions took eight years."

The real break for Francisco came in 1992 when Dervieux sent him to France to work, live and train in a real two Michelin Star Restaurant.  It was "... an overwhelming and demanding real life learning experience, yet great experience in learning many of the details about French Cooking in France and so much more..." For a young Spanish English bi-lingual with basic French skills, not to bad.

Chef Dervieux concluded his contract with (BHH) so that he could pursue his vision to move to Palm Springs,CA, and establish his own restaurant; Cuistot would be its name and Chef De La Torre would go with him; then take over as Sous Chef at Cuistot. Many of Dervieux's special techniques were shared with Francisco while at Cuistot. He personally mentored Francisco and made him the Master Chef of Cuistot.

While in the desert Francisco continued to grow and was hired away from Cuistot by Michael Despras Chef/Owner at Le St. Germaine Restaurant and three others in Palm Springs.

Chef De La Torre worked and lived in Palm Springs for the next fourteen years, until which time he felt that it was time to have his own restaurant; Town 220 Restaurant,  featuring everything prepared from fresh: vegetables, meat, fish, sauces, soup and baked bread